Should you hire a marketing agency or an internal marketer?


Let me start by saying that I have done both, I have been the employed marketer in place to remove external contacts, and I have been the agency looking to take on more contracts. There are pros and cons to both and ultimately there’s a best option for you to help grow your current business. 

1.    Internal marketers come with the expenses of salary, benefits, training, and the need for expensive computer equipment. A Marketing agency is a set fee with no extra overhead.

Simply put, when you are running a business, you understand that a salary of $40,000 is not just $40,000. There are taxes, benefits, training, office equipment, bonuses, and so much more that goes into every salary that you carry. When it comes to your marketing investment, hiring a marketing agency is always going to be better for your bottom line. We take care of training, benefits, expensive equipment, and your cost stays the same. Plus, you are not just getting one person who is working on the marketing of your company, you are getting an entire team who are putting their heads together to help you generate more leads.

2.    You have 100% influence over an internal marketer and the avenues that they take, while a marketing agency comes with pre-established out of the box ideas based on previous and current industry experience.

I can’t decide if this is a pro or a con. Often business owners are very invested, they understand how they got to where they are and most likely at one point did sales, marketing, accounting, and everything in between. Sometimes, however, we can get stuck. I have also run into companies who think that certain avenues are generating revenue, and when we put it through the Sweat Check, it clearly is not working. As a marketing agency, we have seen a lot of different marketing avenues, and we know generally what works and what doesn’t. If you are looking to continue on the path you have always taken, I would suggest sticking with an internal marketer, but, if you are looking to change things up, Swequity10 has the experience to help you grow your lead base so you can focus on making more sales and growing your business.

3.   An Internal marketer has one project in mind, and that is yours, while marketing agencies often have many companies, with many projects on the go.

The benefit of having one project, one brand, and one goal on your mind is that every day you come to work, you are thinking “how can I achieve goal A today”. Internal marketers have this mindset, they are locked in on whatever the company is doing. The negative to this is that if you do not have a self-starter, you might be paying someone to just show up every day an not find new paths to that exact same goal. A marketing agency has many different goals to think about, and to a company, this may feel like they are not completely invested in them. But, when we find success in an avenue through working on a project that is not yours, we automatically think, “how can we implement this for your company”. When you have a marketing agency that is focused, working on other goals will benefit all companies we work for.

In conclusion, it is my opinion that there are both pros and cons to hiring internally and externally. My advice from experience, is to hire a marketing agency that is willing to be 100% transparent with you, who is willing to take the extra time to teach you what they are doing, and who has a proven track record of growing business through their strategies.

When you hire Swequity10, you will work with a marketing agency that cares, we want you to succeed as much as we want Swequity10 to succeed. We are invested in you, we are ready to put in the Sweat Equity right beside you.

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