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Google Ads

We develop Google Ads to be specific to the type of client you are looking for. This is where the Sweat Check really is beneficial to you, the more we know about your business the higher quality personalized leads our Kelowna Marketing Services are able to generate for you. Clicks, Leads, Cost per Lead, and even ROI can all be tracked on the Dashboard.

Facebook Ads

We effectively use Facebook Ads as a complement to Google Ads. While we use google to target customers who are specifically looking for your service/product, we use Facebook to find the likeminded people who may not know they are searching for you yet. Clicks, Leads, Cost per Lead, and even ROI can all be tracked on the Dashboard.

Website Design

Websites are often built as quickly as possible, with a set it and forget it mentality. Swequity10 does not take this approach. We have developed strategies that help increase leads generated from your website, develop custom landing pages for each asset, and will build every page of your site to perform on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Content Creation

Optimizing your website for SEO is one thing, but staying ahead of the competition with recent relevant information, will allow your digital presence to grow. Content creation allows us to improve SEO and Social Media interaction. We track all leads that are generated from blog posts, and the amount of social interaction each is gaining.

Social Media Management

Too many companies use the approach of posting random photos and captions with hashtags and hope that grows your audience. Here, we have a strategy that like everything we do, is focused on producing leads. We build out your content and post it over several months, constantly driving users back to your site. We track how many people have left social media to look at that content. Engaged users is the goal, engaged users fill out web forms and buy into the belief of your service/product.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is changing every day. We stay up to date and ensure that your website is following all of the best practices. Further, we ensure things like page speed, and local SEO are all up to date are not falling between the cracks. We provide you with the effectiveness of our efforts through the <>SEO section of your personalized dashboard tracking click trends and page rank to ensure we are trending in the right direction for specific service/products.

Email Automation

We live in a world that wants answers quickly. We sit down with you and build out every possible stream and design your email automation to fit those streams. The process will ensure that every lead gets responded to within minutes of inquiry. Further, our system keeps them informed and your sales team in the loop as to where their potentials are in the sales funnel. Our email automation is not just an instant reply, it keeps your buyers on the path to buying, even when you are on holiday.

Graphic Design

Whether you are looking for a new logo, custom designed print advertisements, or informational brochures, we’ve got you covered. We have experience designing just about everything. Plus, we have developed methods to accurately track the effectiveness of print advertisements. These methods give us a good overview of how/if your print material is being effective.

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