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Once you start working with Swequity10, you will not be able to manually keep up with all of the leads that are being generated for you. As an email marketing company, we have developed email automation will take care of some of the initial communication for you. We will build out automated onboarding campaigns so that your potential customers are getting the information they need promptly. If you want us to rebuild your entire sales process, we can do that too, keeping the appropriate communication going out to your leads no matter where they are in the sales process.

Further, with our email automation package, we will build you one newsletter per month, to get your mailing list to revisit your webpage. So often, we answer a question that a potential client may have and the newsletter brings them to that article. With that one piece of content being the missing piece that they needed to move forward with their purchase.

As an email marketing company, we can track open rates, responses, and clicks. Further, with full access to your lead flow, we can start new targeted email automation based on the link clicked in an email. Your sales team will be more than excited when they see how Swequity10 helps them complete a sale that they thought was lost.

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