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Swequity10 offers fine-tuned Facebook Ads Management, Facebook has over 2.5 billion users. It is very easy to throw up an ad and spend a lot of money on this platform. It is equally as easy to lean that clicks and money spent has not generated any new leads. The first approach we take when building ads with Facebook, Swequity10 takes all the data from your website, your Google Ads, Landing Pages, and the fine-tuned audience insights that Facebook has collected, and we build audiences that produce the lowest cost per lead we have ever seen. By collecting all of this data on Facebook we are able to find the customers who are most like your current customers, or people who are the most likely to actually spend money with your company. This is what we call Lookalike leads.

The second approach we take to Facebook Ads Management is the remarketing audience. Not everyone who clicks on your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or website end up submitting their information as a lead. But we understand that because they were on your site, and engaged with the content on your site that they have some sort of interest in your product. We then serve up a new set of ads to these individuals giving them a faster option to fill out a form. Once we collect their lead, we no longer submit ads to them. This is what we call Facebook Remarketing.

Much like Google Ads, marketing companies build Facebook ads to generate a number of clicks over the quality of clicks. As they charge a percentage of your budget. Swequity10 continues to build ads to be lead generating, our success is measure on the potential new business we bring you. Cost per lead is clearly noted on the digital dashboard over cost per click.

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