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Our strategy in building out Google Ads Management is to look for engaged users. We are building out each campaign to target individuals that want to purchase from you and not just generate clicks. We have seen too many companies build campaigns that generate a lot of clicks, but very few leads. We dig into the data to make sure that you are not paying for results in a market that would never actually buy from you and one by one eliminate these countries from your search results. The result, highly motivated buyers who are in or interested in your business.

Further, we are constantly monitoring the search terms that people are using to land on your ads. We make sure that you are not paying for search terms that have nothing to do with your business.

When you are looking at Google Ads Management Companies, many bill based on the amount you spend. It is more lucrative for the marketing company to get you as many clicks as possible, and then charge a percentage of that. With the Swequity10 dashboard that focuses on quality leads over quantity of impressions, you can be guaranteed that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that you are getting the best coverage for your budget. When your sales go up and your budget for Google Ads increases, we simply give you a high five and congratulate you on your success, not increase your marketing bill.

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