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Swequity is a combination of the words ‘Sweat + Equity’. It describes the hard work and perseverance that every small business owner has put into their company, even when their business was not profitable. A savvy business owner knows this: the sweat, blood, and tears you put into your business now will bring you to the success you imagined when you started your company. 

Swequity10, a Kelowna marketing company,  was created by business professionals in sales and marketing who recognized an important gap in the market with the lack of tangible numbers that can be a measure of the value of their online marketing investment. We ensure that you are confident in your investment with our marketing expertise by providing you with the numbers that show it. 

We believe the success in your business means success for our business. Therefore, we take the approach that your business is our business, and Swequity10 has developed an industry-first Sweat Check every 10 Weeks. No more big company approach where you feel like your business has fallen between the cracks, no more pushing out dollars for posts or ads that you’re not sure even have a return. Every 10 weeks you get real-life in-person (or now, Zoom meetings) comprehending numbers to show the value our efforts have brought your company. Ultimately, this means that you can be sure that Swequity10 is putting in the same effort as you, regularly.

Swequity10 was born out of passion, much like your business. We believe aligning with others who share the same goals and values is what keeps you at the top of your niche. Let us be apart of your growth, your success is ours.

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With over 12 years of Sales and Marketing experience, we have become experts in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Fully Custom Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Social Media ManagementEmail Automation, and so much more. We are also very familiar with print advertising and have developed proven strategies that help track the effectiveness of each investment.

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Swequity10 is a Marketing Company,  based out of Kelowna, British Columbia. Although we are based out of the Okanagan we provide services to clients across North America such as Jeff Nippard Fitness and Okanagan Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates. The beauty of digital online marketing is that it can be done from anywhere. With our recent world changes and challenges, we have all adapted to a new norm of online business – one that Swequity10 has been navigating for years before. We are a company built on passion, with over 15 years in sales and marketing. We have helped businesses grow their brands in the Online Education industry, Automotive Industry, Personal Bloggers, Motivational Speakers, New Home Developments, Dental Offices, Daycares, Authors, Realtors, Construction Companies, and many more Small Businesses.

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