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You are spending so much time looking for the homerun client that you are neglecting the people who have expressed interest in your brand. There I said it. We all do it, we want to “Fill the funnel”, “Generate more qualified leads” or even “our leads are garbage, we need to focus on people ready to buy right now” As a Kelowna marketer, when I hear these comments, I can only sigh and say, work your database.  So often I am able to increase sales in a company, just by implementing systems that work the database you already have. Sure, new leads are important, but if you have neglected a system to follow up with those leads, how do you expect them to buy from you when the only voice they are hearing is that of your competition. Here are three ways you can work your current database so that they become ready to buy from you.

Set up your email drip campaigns

When someone inquires with you, how soon are you getting the relevant information to them? How much are you following up? Email Drip Campaigns are an effective way to ensure that you get back to your leads quickly, and keep them engaged so that when they are ready to buy they click that “Buy Now” button that goes directly to your website. When we build Email Automation and CRM Management we do it understanding that we are in this for the long haul. We love quick sales but anticipating and finding the paths that various buyers will take is equally fulfilling. When communications are properly automated, there is less stress on your sales team, and buyers are more motivated.  Plan out your communications for the next 1 – 2 months and automate all that you can. Use a tool like Keap Pro for your CRM and you will be amazed how many potentials that you would have trashed turn into quality sales. Our structure looks something like this:

Day 1   – Thank You for Your Inquiry

Day 3   – We’d Love to Hear Your Thoughts and Feedback

Day 7   – Here is a Special Offer Just for you

Day 14 – Why Our Company is the Right Choice for the Job.


Use Your List to Find Others Who Share Your Customers Interests

Facebook Ads and Google Ads have created some wonderful tools for finding in Market Buyers. One of my favorites as a Kelowna marketer is the Lookalike or Customer Match audience. If you have taken good care of your database, you will have names, emails, locations, etc. of people who have purchased from you in the past. You can upload this information into Google or Facebook and their tool will find others who are just like your buyers, and very probable to purchase from you. From here you set up a solid ad that points to a Landing page and you are collecting new, highly motivated leads, just from using the information that you already have.

Don’t forget the importance of Remarketing

If you have been properly collecting your lead information, you will be able to hit you leads with ads reminding them of the importance of purchasing from you. These ads are tailored differently than ads you serve up to new clients. These ads are to simply encourage your leads to purchase a product, visit your store, schedule an appointment, etc. Or, through proper website racking, remarketing ads can be served up to people who landed on your website but never inquired. Remarketing takes people from unsure to commitment. In a digital world, your brand is so easily forgotten, make sure you keep your company top of mind by utilizing the power of remarketing ads

You already have the contacts, now you need to work them to turn them into sales. To keep it simple, set up automated communication, use lookalike audiences, and utilize the power of remarketing. These are three proven ways to maximize revenue from the information you already have.

Swequity10 Marketing can take your database to new levels. We are a Kelowna Marketer that can set up automation and monitor buyers so that they are either in the right funnel or have a new funnel built for them. We constantly watch and adjust so that we help you grow your sales. Further, we use that data to build lookalike audiences with landing pages that automatically add new leads to your automated drip campaign. If you really want to ramp up your sales, Swequity10 can help you get there.

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