How to Set Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns


I believe many people get stuck in seeing the difference between cold emails and a properly set up email drip campaign. They are led to believe that because they themselves unsubscribe, or just delete emails that come to their inbox on a regular basis that there is simply no value in email marketing. The truth is that 49% of consumers said that they would like to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands on a weekly basis (Statista). Many companies are missing out on the power of automated sales emails. In this post, we are going to discuss four ways that you can use email marketing to grow your sales. These three simple tricks have landed us over a 30% increase in sales on multiple occasions.

  1. Set up an instant response.

A study from MIT shows that 35% to 50% of sales go to the business that responds first. So what happens if you are closed on weekends, and that is when an inquiry comes in? One of two scenarios is going to play out here. A) you lose the sale because your competition is already taking advantage of email marketing or B) You have an incredible opportunity to grow sales because nobody is responding to these leads on the weekend. Email Automation can take care of this for you, and you still get your weekends off. This one tactic alone could have well on your way to record numbers. When people inquire, they want answers right away. So send them your pricing the moment they inquire. Sequences like this can be set up with programs like ActiveCampaign with the help of a marketer who understands sales funnels.

  • Segment your list and keep it clean

Did you know that sending an email blast to thousands of people is most likely just going to put you in their spam, junk, or promotions folders? If you segment your list, you are sending smaller batches of emails to a specific group of people. When you segment your list, people engage because you give them relevant information. When you don’t, they wonder why you’re emailing them. Organize your list so that you are only sending relevant information on the product a potential is interested in, don’t blast and hope they buy something. This will take a lot of effort and organization, but when done right it will increase your sales.

  • Create multiple email drips

No two clients are alike, let alone your entire list. But the people in our email lists do have similarities, and since you are now segmenting your list, we can quickly define those similarities and start email correspondence that is going to make sense to each potential. If I am interested in a new home, and you send me an email about a new condo for sale, I’ll probably hang around. But if I am interested in a new car and you email me about boats, I am probably going to unsubscribe. Multiple email drips are thoughtfully laid out sequences that help potentials go from interested in a product to actually buying that product, further, when it is done well it will not only sell the product but get a review and referral. Well, thought out email drips will become a self-feeding funnel.

A study done by HubSpot, email generates $38 for every $1 spent on it. That’s a pretty good return on investment. Email marketing is more than newsletters, it is your ability to create a journey for your potentials so that they feel comfortable and confident to buy from you. It is giving the proper information at the proper time. Don’t wait to set up your email marketing, start today and start increasing your sales.

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