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Jeff Nippard Fitness

Jeff is a professional drug-free bodybuilder and powerlifter. 

Through his informative and entertaining Youtube channel which has gathered a fan-base of over 2 million subscribers, Jeff aims to share the knowledge he has gathered through university education and field experience with others who are passionate about the science behind building muscle, losing fat and getting healthier.

Jeff currently lives in Ontario, Canada where he is producing informative YouTube videos and podcasts

What was the problem?

When Jeff first approached Swequity10, he had just launched a new website and it was crashing on him daily. With his website being a large portion of his revenue, the concern was how much revenue was being lost everyday. 

What was the Challenge?

Jeff has over 2 million YouTube subscribers, over 665 thousand Instagram followers, and over 350 thousand followers on Facebook. Any time he posts to one of these platforms there is a large traffic spike, not including the 10’s of thousands that are visiting on a daily basis as it is.

Further, with every new program, there is a large rush of traffic that directly affects how successful his company will be. If Jeff’s site was to crash during a launch, the losses would be devastating. Jeff needed a marketing company that could ensure the stability of his website at all times.

Our Approach

Private Hosting was essential

Right away we went to work on finding Jeff a Dedicated Private server that would allow us to host his current site and stop the daily downtime. Once we stopped the bleeding, we began our search for the best private hosting that we felt could handle the traffic that Jeff was capable of sending to his website. 

A Custom lightweight site was needed

Because Jeff had such a large following, it was important that we designed a site that was fast and did not pull a lot of resources from the server on every load. We took the approach that we would build from scratch and make this site look amazing while still being as minimal as possible. 

a seperate site for ecommerce

We decided to split the main website and the shop. The theory behind this was that if the website was to crash, it would do so without affecting sales. Further, we could lighten the load by having half of the visitors on one domain and the other half on another, while the users never know it happened.

Redesigned for conversions

Every step of the way we designed this site to maximize program sales or email collection. the goal was simple with this build. Users would purchase a digital asset and instantly download, or enter into a sales funnel that would ultimately bring them back to the website to purchase at a later date. 

Website Design by Kelowna Web Designer

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