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How much does digital marketing cost?

We offer a free digital marketing consultation to every company to ensure that both parties are a great fit, we will explain things like the services we offer and our industry-exclusive sweat check. 

The Swequity10 pricing model is built so you can focus on the areas that are most important to you. We bill in 30-day increments and do not require anything more than a month to month contract. This ensures that we are constantly putting in the effort to get you the best return on investment. You are not billed during the building phase of each avenue, billing commences when we flick the switch to ‘on’. The timeline for this varies as digital ads can be built in 2-5 days while web design can take 4-12 weeks. The purpose here is that we are not charging you while we are figuring out how to make our digital marketing work for your business, we are putting in the sweat for you to gain equity because we know that a well-built marketing campaign is profitable for both parties

To see the monthly fees of each marketing avenue request a consultation (you are not signing up for anything, we are just meeting each other) and one of our knowledgable staff with go over everything with you.

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