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A well thought out website design is one of the most important aspects of your business. At Swequity10 we have developed a strategy that has been proven to generate more leads every time it is implemented. Our signature move, a form on the homepage. When sites are built to encourage users to fill out a form, your leads will naturally increase.

Further, we use the latest technology and not an outdated framework that was developed 10 years ago. By working with companies who keep the framework of your website up to date we are sure to always be ahead of the curve. Now, although we use a framework, we do not purchase a pre-made theme and drop it in. We build your site to be completely custom to you.

At the beginning of the website design phase we sit down with you and draw out exactly how your website should look and function. Once we have a design in place, we start building it on a test server. We consider everything, what needs to be upfront, making sure there are no broken links, building custom avenues like listings, services, multi-blog, and eCommerce. Once your set is approved, we launch and host it, while you sit back and collect the leads.

All of our sites are not only responsive, but we have a different strategy for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Devices, because we have come to learn that customers who are looking on different devices are looking for different experiences.

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At Swequity10 we understand that it takes a potential .05 seconds to form an opinion about your website. That is why we stay up to date with the latest trends and build your website with the intent of capturing the attention of your ideal client. 

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If your website design is quickly put together, it often overlooks the hurdles that your potentials ate facing. Finding these fall off points and adjusting to make sure others don’t face the same difficulties is part of the process we go through with you on a regular basis. We understand that if your website is not engaging or visually pleasing, people will leave your website.

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