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Social Media Management, just like every avenue Swequity10 uses to promote your business, always starts with the question “why are we doing this”. Are we posting on Facebook to get likes? on Instagram to ave the biggest following? Or simply posting because we have to have something on every possible platform?

We don’t believe that the spray and pray method is of any value. Everything we do is geared towards how we can turn that platform into producing quality leads, or how we can use that platform to keep you at the top of the mind of your current leads.

Social Media is about being social, about showing your following what events you are attending, what you are doing in the community, and how your company is local first. But what do you do in between? While we will coach you on creating social content, we will take on the consistency of posting. We will develop educational content that will be seen multiple times a week over various platforms. Want us to take it all on? We can do that too.

During every Sweat Check we will show you how the content we are producing is generating you new visitors, interactions, and yes, even leads. We will show you how much your audience has grown, and what types of content perform best. After a few months of Swequity10 Social Media, you will look at your social media page and see high-end branding that makes you stand out against your competition. If you are not using Social Media in your business, we have you covered.

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