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Hiring the right search engine optimization company is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. SEO is what will generate your new leads even when your advertising budget is spent. When done well, your website should be generating new leads for a fraction of the cost of most advertising avenues.

Too often companies think that SEO is adding some keywords to a page and hoping that google picks it up, but it is more than that. Swequity10 constantly monitors site speed, keyword rankings, search terms, broken links, and so much more. All of these elements are what takes your website from never being found to reaching more and more potentials.

When SEO is packaged with our Content Creation Service, the results are even more profound. Adding new and extra content to your website is what allows it to gain more credibility with Google. The more content you have combined with our expertise in SEO management, you will be climbing Google’s rankings before you know it.

All of this will be compiled into your digital dashboard, the sweat check will show how many clicks a keyword is getting and what page your website is resting on. Is it moving? is it growing? Are you holding on to that #1 spot on google? Have you seen more traffic as a result of your SEO package? All of these items will come into play, giving you a clear picture of what your marketing dollars are doing for you.

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