The Swequity10 marketing Dashboard

What is a Sweat Check? it is Our approach to the marketing dashboard

Our Marketing Dashboard was developed because we found that most marketing agencies will throw numbers at you like click-through rate, bounce rate, and impressions, but are unwilling to connect those statistics to your companies growth. Here at Swequity10, we have developed a marketing dashboard that not only shows your digital growth but how the avenues you have invested in are producing leads.

  • This dashboard tracks not only the avenues of advertising that we are performing but the items you already have in place.
  • This dashboard allows us to help you make educated decisions on what sources are working and which are not.
  • This dashboard has already saved companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising that otherwise could not be tracked.

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A sweat check shows you how we have grown your audience, and allows us to make an educated decision on where we will be focused for the next 10 weeks. We will help you grow your leads and sales through the power of real numbers and your individual business trends. The longer you work with Swequity10, the smarter our dashboard gets, allowing us to become more and more targeted with our advertising, turning your business into a quality lead generating machine.

Swequity10 Marketing Dashboard Example
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